Speculator's Corner - Vol 2, Issue 1

Happy New Year! Today's Speculator's Corner focuses on Rick Remender and Wes Craig's Deadly Class, as it heads to TV pilot for SyFy. Deadline is reporting the full cast is set and it looks impressive, featuring Benedict Wong as Master Lin, and a well-cast group of students.

 Issue #1, standard cover

Issue #1, standard cover

At the time of writing, issue #1 had a few successful CGC 9.8 eBay sales for December:

  • A cover B variant (purchased by me) at $56
  • A variant cover for $59.99 (and free shipping)
  • Three standard covers going for at least $86 (two were "offer accepted", but listed at $114.99)

Current active listings show:

  • Standard covers going for a minimum of $114 plus shipping
  • Cover B variants going for anywhere from $93 with shipping to $199 with shipping
  • Other variants going in the $140 to $220 range

A pretty significant increase since December, when the news was announced. There are, however, plenty of ungraded copies on eBay in the $15+ range, if you'd like to go that route.

Definitely an issue and series worth keeping an eye on, as we get closer to premiere. Follow issue #1 of Deadly Class on Relic Scout today.

Speculator’s Corner - Vol 1, Issue 3

Today's Speculator's Corner focus is Young Avengers (2005) #1 from Marvel. Not only does this issue feature the first appearance of Kate Bishop, who has made rumblings as a potential Netflix series, but also the first appearance of Wiccan (one of Scarlet Witch and Vision's children), who is rumored to appear in the fourth Avengers movie coming out in 2018. Speed, Wiccan's twin brother and also rumored to appear, makes his first appearance in Young Avengers #10.


At the time of writing, eBay is showing a few successful sales:

  • CGC 9.8 for 75.99 (free shipping)
  • Two CGC 9.8s for 74.99 each (including $15 shipping)
  • CGC 9.8 for $76 (including $15 shipping)
  • CGC 9.8 for $65.95 (including $13.95 shipping)
  • CGC 9.8 for 84.99 (including $15 shipping)

Current live listings are going for well north of $100, so there is definitely some marketplace inflation in play. This issue is definitely worth watching on Relic Scout.


Speculator's Corner - Vol 1, Issue 2

Casting news from Daredevil Season 3 on Netflix, gives us a potential new villain in Sin-Eater. Stanley Carter, aka Sin-Eater, debuted in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #107 as a NYPD officer who becomes "obsessed with killing anyone who sinned by abusing authority."


As of writing this, there are currently two active listings for a CGC Spectacular Spider-Man #107:

  • CGC 9.6 for $81 (including shipping)
  • CGC 9.8 for $199 (plus $20 shipping)

There are zero recent Sold listings to compare against, making pricing a little difficult to go by for graded slabs. Monitor this issue on Relic Scout.

There are, however, plenty of high quality ungraded books available, priced below $15 at the time of writing.

Happy speculating!

Autopen Autographs Discovered On Panini Football Redemption Cards

Darren Rovell:

Dak Prescott is being accused of using a machine to sign his autograph for a memorabilia company instead of signing by hand.

Beckett Grading Services, which evaluates and values trading cards, has refused to verify the Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s signature in a recent card set.

Steve Grad, principal authenticator at Beckett, said his company looked at five autographed cards from collectors who received Prescott autograph redemptions from Panini’s 2016 Prizm set.

”They had a very machine-like feel,” Grad said. “You could see the starts and stops.

Autopen autographs aren't uncommon for through-the-mail signatures. When the autopen autographs come directly from memorabilia companies, the customers lose faith in the product.

Rovell continues: 

It's possible that Prescott never saw the cards, as blank labels to be signed and even cards themselves are often sent to marketing agents first.

When Panini sends cards or memorabilia to be signed by an athlete, it requires the athlete to sign an affidavit stating that what it is returning is genuine.

It's difficult to read articles like this without thinking of CGC's policy of not authenticating autographs that weren't witnessed. The sport card autograph industry needs a gold standard like this. Company reputation is no longer enough.

Source: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/1984150...

Flipboard Magazine: On Collecting

We have a Flipboard magazine called On Collecting. It's updated regularly with the best posts on collecting we find on the web. We’ll focus mainly on comics, cards (sports and gaming), memorabilia, and coins to start, but the entire world of collectibles is open for discovery.

If you are a Flipboard user, click here to subscribe. (Or search for On Collecting inside the app.) The magazine is also available through a web browser, so the Flipboard app is not required.

Hope you enjoy!

Introducing Relic Scout

Following up on our recent announcement, here’s a quick overview of Relic Scout. We certainly have much more in store, so please subscribe to our blog or follow us on Twitter/Facebook for the latest news.

Relic Scout is the ultimate tool to track down the comics on your want list. (We are planning to support sports cards and U.S. coins & currency in the future, as well.) It’s the easiest way to find what you want, in the condition you want, at the right price. Available wherever you have internet access.

The site is even useful without an account — just search or browse by publisher and series. The issue page is where the magic happens: you’ll find active listings from eBay (and eventually other sources.) Once you find an issue you want, simply click the Buy Now button to head over to eBay and make a purchase.

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Each day we scour eBay to find active listings for virtually every comic made by a major publisher. The Listing Feed is where you’ll find all of the active listings that match your want list. Save listings, compare prices/conditions, and make the best decision possible. When you are ready to buy, just click the Buy Now button make the purchase on eBay.

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Revisiting Relic Scout

Two years ago, we launched the beta version of our collectibles web application, RelicScout.com. The goal of Relic Scout is to match collectors with the collectibles on their want lists. A handful of our friends signed up during the short beta period and we quickly realized that we built an app that missed the mark.

What went wrong?

We based the application on the concept of “saved searches.” Very similar to eBay’s saved search functionality. A collector could pick the type of the collectible and enter keywords in a structured format. It turns out, this is a painful process for anybody with a want list of more than a few dozen items. This was a deal-breaker. We didn’t even want to use our own app. So we didn’t.

So you just scrapped the whole thing?

The core of Relic Scout needed to be completely rebuilt to make it usable. As we mulled over our options, a number of competitors popped up that had very similar features to the failed version of Relic Scout. As we expected, they haven’t exactly been blockbuster hits. We envisioned what the ideal experience would be and it was a world where we could just click a button and follow the collectibles we wanted without needing to enter any keywords.

Introducing Relic Scout 2.0

After two years of work, we believe we solved the problem. The new version of Relic Scout makes entering your want list as simple as clicking “follow” for the collectibles you need. We’ll index eBay (and eventually Amazon and your favorite auction houses) to identify each item and put the world of collectibles in your hands. This means no more keywords to fight with! We’re starting with graded comic books and un-graded comics, with additional collectibles, like sports cards and U.S. coins and currency, coming at a future date.

Where do I learn more?

Visit relicscout.com to sign up or join our mailing list to stay in touch. We consider the site in beta, so we will be contacting users for feedback over the coming weeks. 

We also re-launched our blog, so we will post here regularly, and you can also find us on FlipboardTwitter, and Facebook too.