About Relic Scout

Relic Scout is here to help you build a collection on a budget — whether you are focused on getting the most value for your dollar or finding the right targets to flip on eBay. Our tools and resources found on this blog are focused on comics, sports cards, coins & money, and much more!

The Relic Scout app is the ultimate tool to track down the comics, sports cards (coming soon), and U.S. coins & currency (coming soon) on your want list. It’s the easiest way to find what you want, in the condition you want, at the right price. Available wherever you have internet access.

The site is even useful without an account — just search or browse by publisher and series. The issue page is where the magic happens: you’ll find active listings from eBay (and eventually other sources.) Once you find an issue you want, simply click the Buy Now button to head over to eBay and make a purchase.

About Eko Wave

Eko Wave specializes in providing value to niche consumers through well-thought-out applications – using design and data to help them make better purchase decisions.

Since we’re geeks at heart, we chose to focus on niche markets and the most passionate people on the internet. We love anyone who completely dedicates their life to their interests.

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Affiliate Disclosure

Eko Wave is paid an affiliate commission for sending traffic to eBay and other sites linked to from RelicScout.com. These payments are used to cover server and other site maintenance expenses. We are independently owned and there is no weighting applied to any listings or links displayed on the site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.