Revisiting Relic Scout

Two years ago, we launched the beta version of our collectibles web application, The goal of Relic Scout is to match collectors with the collectibles on their want lists. A handful of our friends signed up during the short beta period and we quickly realized that we built an app that missed the mark.

What went wrong?

We based the application on the concept of “saved searches.” Very similar to eBay’s saved search functionality. A collector could pick the type of the collectible and enter keywords in a structured format. It turns out, this is a painful process for anybody with a want list of more than a few dozen items. This was a deal-breaker. We didn’t even want to use our own app. So we didn’t.

So you just scrapped the whole thing?

The core of Relic Scout needed to be completely rebuilt to make it usable. As we mulled over our options, a number of competitors popped up that had very similar features to the failed version of Relic Scout. As we expected, they haven’t exactly been blockbuster hits. We envisioned what the ideal experience would be and it was a world where we could just click a button and follow the collectibles we wanted without needing to enter any keywords.

Introducing Relic Scout 2.0

After two years of work, we believe we solved the problem. The new version of Relic Scout makes entering your want list as simple as clicking “follow” for the collectibles you need. We’ll index eBay (and eventually Amazon and your favorite auction houses) to identify each item and put the world of collectibles in your hands. This means no more keywords to fight with! We’re starting with graded comic books and un-graded comics, with additional collectibles, like sports cards and U.S. coins and currency, coming at a future date.

Where do I learn more?

Visit to sign up or join our mailing list to stay in touch. We consider the site in beta, so we will be contacting users for feedback over the coming weeks. 

We also re-launched our blog, so we will post here regularly, and you can also find us on FlipboardTwitter, and Facebook too.