Monday Mail Bag #1

Each Monday, our mailboxes are filled with comic books, cards, and other collectibles. We selected a few of the highlights to share with you below. If you have feedback for us or just want to show us your latest pickups, you can find us on Twitter @RelicScout.


Package #1: 2016 Bowman Inception Aaron Judge Autographed Jersey Card

Normally, I try to avoid the hype around rookies. It's easy to get burned on buying a card at the top of the market only for the player to have a major slump, get injured, or set some unflattering record. Aaron Judge just broke the record for consecutive games with a strikeout and is also having a second-half slump. He may even have a shoulder injury. However, he's a New York Yankee and the market for him is still hot. I'm going to move this one as soon as possible.


Package #2: 2012 Limited Steph Curry Autographed Jersey Card #/24

I don't know what to say for this one other than I lowballed it and won. Panini's sticker autographs often don't feel like they belong on the card and that's the case with this one. Regardless, somebody will be happy to add this to their collection.


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