Frequently Asked Questions


The site is free. How do you make money?

The short answer is we get a commission for every sale we push to a listing site. That means it’s in our interest to provide the best experience for our users, so you keep coming back and purchasing through the listings we display. We are independently owned and there is no weighting applied to any listings or links displayed on the site. We also do not sell your data.

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How often does the site look for and update listings?

Currently, Relic Scout searches eBay every hour for new listings. For updates, auctions are updated hourly and fixed price listings are updated daily.

I sell on eBay. What’s the best way to format my listing titles?

The Relic Scout classifying machine loves the following format:  Series_Name #Issue_Number – Other_details. For example: Uncanny X-Men #101 – first appearance of Phoenix